Towns, Regions, Rivers, Mountains etc. named after Columbus

Columbus, Georgia Columbus, Mississippi Columbus, Arkansas
Columbia County, Arkansas Columbia, Louisiana Columbiana, Alabama

Variants with ColombiaColónColumbiaColumbus


How?What?Where?When? Why? etc.
Colomb ParkVillage? (historical)USA, Louisiana, St. James parish
ColombeTownHaiti, Nord prov.
ColombiaRepublicSouth America
TownBolivia, Santa Cruz prov., 17°5'S 58°W
TownBolivia, Santa Cruz prov., 18°5'S 58°W
TownColombia, Tolima prov., 4°N 75°W
TownColombia, Huila prov.
TownColombia, Atlantico prov.
TownColombia, 5°N 75°W
TownColombia, Cordoba prov., 9°N 75°W
TownColombia, Cordoba prov., 8°7'N 75°W
TownColombia, Cordoba prov., 8°5'N 76°W
TownColombia, Cundinamarca prov.
TownColombia, Casanare prov.
TownCuba, Las Tunas prov.
TownHonduras, Atlantida prov.
TownPeru, Madre de Dios prov.
TownVenezuela, Apure prov.
TownVenezuela, Monagas prov.
Colombia or ColombioTownPeru, Loreto prov.
Colombia or Hacienda ColombiaTownEcuador, Guayas prov.
ColômbiaTownBrazil, São Paulo prov., 21°8'S 47°9'W
TownBrazil, São Paulo prov., 20°S 48°7'W
ColombinaTownBrazil, Bahia prov.
ColomboTownBrazil, Parana prov.
TownBrazil, São Paulo prov.
TownBrazil, Rio Grande do Sul prov.
TownHonduras, Atlantida prov.
TownSri LankaEarly name was Kalan-totta (Kelani ferry), > nearby river ferry point; corrupted into Kolambu by the Arabs and changed to Colombo in 1517 by the Portuguese in honor of Columbus. See Major Cities of Sri Lanka)
Colomboi, Colombai or ColomboyTownColombia, Cordoba prov.
Colombiano or La ColombiaTownColombia, 10°5'N 74°W


How?What?Where?When? Why? etc.
ColónTownArgentina, Entre Rios prov.
TownArgentina, Buenos Aires prov.
TownBolivia, Tarija prov.
TownBolivia, El Beni prov.
TownColombia, Cundinamarca prov.
TownColombia, Caqueta prov.
TownColombia, Putumayo prov.
TownColombia, Norte de Santander prov.
TownColombia, Tolima prov.
TownCosta Rica, San José prov.
TownCosta Rica, Alajuela prov.
TownCuba, Granma prov.
TownCuba, Pinar del Rio prov.
TownCuba, Matanzas prov.
TownDominican Rep., La Vega prov.
TownDominican Rep., Duarte prov.
TownDominican Rep., La Romana prov.
TownDominican Rep., El Seibo
TownEcuador, Esmeraldas prov.
TownEcuador, Guayas prov.
TownEcuador, Manabi prov.
TownEl Salvador, La Libertad prov.
TownEl Salvador, Usulutan prov.
TownGuatemala, Quetzaltenango prov.
TownHonduras, Choluteca prov.
TownHonduras, Santa Barbara prov.
TownNicaragua, Jinotega prov.
TownNicaragua, Rivas prov.
TownPanama, Colon prov.Named 1890; Twin port with Cristobal at the north end of the Panama Canal
TownPanama, Los Santos prov.
TownPanama, Panama prov.
TownPanama, Veraguas prov.
TownParaguay, Presidente Hayes prov.
TownPeru, Madre de Dios prov.
TownPeru, Madre de Dios prov. (2nd)
TownUruguay (2nd)
TownVenezuela, Amazonas prov.
TownVenezuela, Merida prov.
Colon or MacuroTownVenezuela, Sucre prov.
San Juan de ColónTownVenezuela, Tachira prov.
ColonTownJamaica, Saint Elizabeth prov.
TownNetherlands Antilles, 12.1°N 69°W
Village?USA, Georgia, Clinch county
Township & villageUSA, Michigan, St. Joseph county
VillageUSA, Nebraska, Saunders county
Village?USA, North Carolina, Lee county
Village?USA, Pennsylvania, Jefferson county
Colón or Puerto CollónTownColombia, Antioquia prov.
Colón or GénovaTownColombia, Narino prov.
Isla Colón GrandeTownArgentina, 32°S 58°W


N.B. Columbia is also the Goddess of Liberty. Without further research it is impossible to know if the town is named after Christopher Columbus or the goddess Columbia
How?What?Where?When? Why? etc.
ColumbiaTownBolivia, Pando prov.
TownCuba, Camagüey prov.
TownCuba, Ciudad de La Habana
TownPuerto Rico
TownUSA, Alabama, Houston county
CountyUSA, ArkansasEstablished 1852. Named after the Goddess of Liberty (Kane)
Village?USA, Arizona, Yavapai county
TownUSA, California, Tuolumne county
TownUSA, Connecticut, Tolland county
Village?USA, Delaware, Sussex county
County & VillageUSA, FloridaCounty established 1832
CountyUSA, GeorgiaEstablished 1790
CityUSA, Illinois, Monroe county
TownshipUSA, Indiana, Dubois county
TownshipUSA, Indiana, Whitley county
TownshipUSA, Indiana, Jennings county
TownshipUSA, Indiana, Gibson county
TownshipUSA, Indiana, Fayette county
Village?USA, Iowa, Marion county
TownshipUSA, Kansas, Ellsworth county
CityUSA, Kentucky, Adair county
TownUSA, Louisiana, Caldwell Parish
Village?USA, Louisiana, St. John the Baptist Parish
Village?USA, Maryland, Howard county
TownUSA, Maine, Washington county
TownshipUSA, Michigan, Jackson county
TownshipUSA, Michigan, Van Buren county
TownshipUSA, Michigan, Tuscola county
TownshipUSA, Minnesota, Polk county
CityUSA, Mississippi, Marion county
CityUSA, Missouri, Boone county
TownshipUSA, Nebraska, Knox county
TownUSA, New Hampshire, Coos county
Village?USA, New Jersey, Warren county
CountyUSA, New YorkEstablished 1786
TownUSA, New York, Herkimer county
TownshipUSA, North Dakota, Eddy county
TownUSA, North Carolina, Tyrrell county
TownshipUSA, Ohio, Hamilton county
TownshipUSA, Ohio, Meigs county
TownshipUSA, Ohio, Lorain county
Village?USA, Ohio, Stark county
Village?USA, Ohio, Tuscarawas county
Village?USA, Ohio, Williams county
CountyUSA, OregonEstablished 1854; named after the Columbia River
CountyUSA, PennsylvaniaEstablished 1813
TownshipUSA, Pennsylvania, Bradford county
BoroughUSA, Pennsylvania, Lancaster county
TownUSA, South Carolina, Richland countyState capital, named 1796
TownshipUSA, South Dakota, Brown county
CityUSA, South Dakota, Brown county
CityUSA, Tennessee, Maury county
Village?USA, Utah, Carbon county
TownUSA, Virginia, Fluvanna county
CountyUSA, WashingtonEstablished 1875; named after the Columbia River
Village?USA, Washington, King county
Village?USA, Washington, Whatcom county
Village?USA, West Virginia, Fayette county
CountyUSA, WisconsinEstablished 1846
Village?USA, Wisconsin, Clark county
Columbia or San PedroTownBelize, Toledo prov.
Columbia or Reparto ColumbiaTownCuba, Isla de la Juventud prov.
Columbia or Santa Rosa de SucumbíosTownEcuador
Columbia BeachVillage?USA, Maryland, Anne Arundel county
Village?USA, Washington, Island county
Columbia CenterVillage?USA, New York, Herkimer county
Village?USA, Ohio, Licking county
Village?USA, Ohio, Lorain county
Columbia CityCityUSA, Indiana, Whitley county
CityUSA, Oregon, Columbia county
countyUSA, Pennsylvania
Columbia Cross RoadsVillage?USA, Pennsylvania, Bradford county
Columbia FallsTownUSA, Maine, Washington county
CityUSA, Montana, Flathead county
Columbia ForestVillage?USA, Maryland, Montgomery county
Village?USA, Virginia, Arlington county
Columbia FurnaceVillage?USA, Virginia, Shenandoah county
Columbia GardensVillage?USA, Montana, Silver Bow county
Village?USA, Tennessee, Maury county
Columbia HeightsCityUSA, Minnesota, Anoka county
SubdivisionUSA, Georgia, Muscogee county
VillageUSA, Louisiana, Caldwell parish
Village?USA, District of Columbia
Village?USA, North Carolina, Forsyth county
Village?USA, Oregon, Columbia county
Village?USA, Rhode Island, Washington county
Village?USA, Texas, Bexar county
Village?USA, Washington, Cowlitz county
Columbia HillVillage?USA, Pennsylvania, Montour county
Village?USA, Tennessee, Overton county
Columbia HillsVillage?USA, Maryland, Howard county
Columbia Hills CornersVillage?USA, Ohio, Lorain county
Columbia JunctionVillage?USA, Utah, Carbon county
Columbia LakeLakeUSA, Arkansas, Columbia county
Columbia LakesVillage?USA, New Jersey, Camden county
Columbia MineVillage? (historical)USA, Georgia, McDuffie county
Columbia ParkVillage?USA, Maryland, Prince George's county
Village?USA, Maryland, Charles county
Columbia PinesVillage?USA, Virginia, Fairfax county
Columbia RiverRiverNamed 1792 after the ship Columbia
Columbia SpringsVillage? (historical)USA, Mississippi, Marion county
Columbia StationVillage?USA, Ohio, Lorain county
Columbia Valley GardensVillage?USA, Washington, Cowlitz county
District of ColumbiaDistrictUSANamed 1791 (see below)
British ColumbiaProvinceCanadaNamed 1858
ColumbianaCityUSA, Alabama, Shelby county
County & village?USA, OhioCounty established 1803; named after Columbus and Anna
ColumbiavilleVillageUSA, Michigan, Lapeer county
Village?USA, New York, Columbia county


How?What?Where?When? Why? etc.
ColumbusVillage?USA, Alabama, Jefferson county
VillageUSA, Arkansas, Hempstead county
Village?USA, Colorado, La Plata county
CityUSA, Georgia, Muscogee countyNamed 1828
TownshipUSA, Illinois, Adams county
VillageUSA, Illinois, Adams county
TownshipUSA, Indiana, Bartholomew county
CityUSA, Indiana, Bartholomew county
CityUSA, Kansas, Cherokee county
CityUSA, Kentucky, Hickman county
Village?USA, Kentucky, Fayette county
CityUSA, Michigan, Luce county
TownshipUSA, Michigan, St. Clair county
TownshipUSA, Minnesota, Anoka county
CityUSA, Mississippi, Lowndes county
Village?USA, Missouri, Johnson county
TownUSA, Montana, Stillwater county
TownshipUSA, Nebraska, Platte county
CityUSA, Nebraska, Platte county Named 1856
Village?USA, New Jersey, Burlington county
VillageUSA, New Mexico, Luna county
TownUSA, New York, Chenango county
CountyUSA, North CarolinaEstablished 1808
TownUSA, North Carolina, Polk county
CityUSA, North Dakota, Burke county
CityUSA, Ohio, Franklin and Fairfield CountiesState Capital, named 1812
CityUSA, Pennsylvania, Warren county
CityUSA, Texas, Colorado county
TownUSA, Wisconsin, Columbia county
Town (historical)USA, Louisiana, Sabine parish
Town (historical)USA, Tennessee, Polk county
Columbus CityVillage?USA, Alabama, Marshall county
CityUSA, Iowa, Louisa county
Columbus GroveVillageUSA, Ohio, Putnam county
Columbus HillVillage?USA, Tennessee, Jackson county
Columbus JunctionCityUSA, Iowa, Louisa county
Columbus ParkSubdivisionUSA, Massachusetts, Worcester county
SubdivisionUSA, Ohio, Erie county
Columbus QuarterVillage?USA, New York, Chenango county
How the District of Columbia gots its name

On the first map of the city of Washington by federal city planner Pierre L'Enfant it was called the Permanent Seat of the Government. Newspapers encouraged an informal competition by printing suggested names sent in by readers. One anonymous writer suggested "Washingtonople", while others suggested "Columbus" and "Washingtonapolis".
As with most things in the new capital, a group of men got together to settle the matter. They met on Sept. 8, 1791, in George Town. There were a lot of items on the agenda, but eventually Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, Rep. James Madison and three commissioners appointed by Washington to sell lots in the federal city got around to what it should be called. Some in the group supported naming it Washington. Others argued for naming it Columbia, after Christopher Columbus. Scott said there was great interest in Columbus because the 300th anniversary of his famous voyage was coming up the next year. A compromise was struck: the federal enclave would be known as the city of Washington, and the general area would be called the District of Columbia. There was no public proclamation of the new name, however. It appeared in print for the first time in a Sept. 17 George Town Weekly Ledger notice about the death of an assistant to federal city surveyor Andrew Ellicot. The man had been killed when a tree fell on him.

From: Linda Wheeler in the Washington Post on Feb 22, 2001. (longer excerpt of that article here).